Event Planning…

Event Planning…

Why use an events co-ordinator and who should you use?
I am sure this is a question you have had the need to ask, and more than likely decided to walk the perilous path alone. Hopefully by now your close friends, family and dog have forgiven you and made peace with the fact you went through a personality change, not for the better, I might add. The costly repairs to your mobile are paid and you have vowed and declared never to travel this path again. (Until next time)
For the record, events planner as I refer to it shall encompass all description of planner, manager, worker, gaffer, grip, stage hand, floor polisher and any other living breathing primate who deems to pass themselves off as an “events person”
This brings me to the why – stress, functionality, enjoyment, ease and not to forget the bragging rights of an event well planned, organised, managed and run. (nudge nudge, wink wink, we won’t tell if you don’t who did it all.) Unfortunately, in some cases, a lesson has to be learned first before hiring the services of an “event’s person” is considered. Planning an event, any event, should be as easy as picking up the phone, discussing your needs, signing off on the plans and getting back to your daily life, after all you don’t get a dog then go out and bark, do you? Your events planner should make your event theirs, live it, feel it, shape it and present it from your perspective, not panel beat it re-paint it knock the stuffing out, prop it up and try to palm off goat as lamb! Remember you are the boss (he who pays the piper calls the tune).
What should my even planner do for me? I hear you ask! (Here a bulleted list is the quickest way to explain)

1. Never pretend to know better, yes I use the word pretend as it would be impudent of them to assume your lack of knowledge.

2. Never try to force you to accept anything that you are not comfortable with.

3. Have your interests or those of your company at heart.

4. Liaise with all subcontractors and advise where necessary. (Not just use an old school chum because they are friends, at your expense)

5. Not expect you to foot the bill for substandard work or products.

6. Be transparent and possess unquestionable integrity, in all dealing done on your behalf.

7. And very important, provide you with an itemised quotation from the get go. (It is my experience that many individuals, and companies quote very deceptively and itemise very little, with the result the initial price seems very favourable and as the event unfolds and your leg is clamped securely in the bear trap, the screws get turned and what appeared to be favourable hastily becomes ridiculously expensive as the hidden costs get added in!!

So now the big question who?
The short and honest answer – ISP Group! But since we are the best you might find us in a position to not be available when you need us (yes we would rather not do the job if we cannot do it right and with our trademark personal touch). As with hiring any staff it is always a gamble, but fortunately you have an arsenal at your disposal in the form of references and track record. Firstly forget the price issue; never assume that the cheapest is the best deal (See item 7 above). But let us use the bullets again!

1. You must be comfortable with the people you dealing with.

2. The individual or company must be in a position to give you references to contact if needed.

3. NEVER, and I can’t stress this enough NEVER look at the event persons web page and assume that what you seeing on the web site is all they have done – pictures are plagiarized all the time, be very careful!

4. Ask to see the stock they claim to own or supply you and familiarize yourself with the stock.

5. Make sure that what they say they will do gets done in the early stages of planning and in their dealings with you as this is an early warning sign if things are not done at this stage.

6. Don’t get taken in by smooth mouth “sales people” who promise the earth, chances are you just going to get dirt !

Well that’s it for now… there is some caffeine brewing that needs drinking!
Have an eventful day J